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Kalifa reported that their mission are almost accomplished, but Lucci chided their unique so you can keep back you to cam up to it arrived


Kalifa reported that their mission are almost accomplished, but Lucci chided their unique so you can keep back you to cam up to it arrived

Kalifa reported that their mission are almost accomplished, but Lucci chided their unique so you can keep back you to cam up to it arrived

Upon reaching Enies Lobby, Lucci escorted Franky and Robin towards Tower of Justice, where Spandam and you may remainder of CP9 waited

Lucci and also the CP9 representatives following boarded the sea Illustrate in order to Enies Lobby that have Franky, Usopp, and you may Robin during the pull, tossing aforementioned a few for the a memories room due to the fact show prepared to depart. Because they had going, Lucci looked toward deviation even after way of living into the Liquids seven to possess five years. Corgi informed CP9 that each of your own other cars would be safeguarded by effective bodies authorities. However, they after had a declare that the past several cars had been fragmented by Sanji, who was simply to the teach and had freed Franky. Blueno expected if the he would be to check into Robin, but Lucci said they have to work on apprehending Franky, as he confidently asserted that they’d never get Robin back.

Afterwards, CP9 noticed while the Sanji and you will Franky blew brand new beaten Wanze and Nero into their car prior to confronting them, and Lucci pondered exactly who Nero are. Nero guaranteed Lucci he would kill Franky, but Lucci reminded him one to Franky is actually supposed to be caught live. Maybe not happy because of the Nero performing on his attitude, Lucci gave the latest CP9 agent around three mere seconds to perform for their life, and as Nero tried to fool around with Soru to leave, Lucci easily struck him off. Nero decrease out of the auto to the water, and you will Lucci named him trash to own not even fully mastering Rokushiki in advance of telling Kalifa in order to claim that he was too poor. Lucci then encountered Sanji and you may Franky, advising them to give up preserving Robin since the their unique prior made their own a danger to the world. Sanji angrily assaulted Lucci to own his opinions into the Robin, however, Lucci with ease prohibited your when he continued their thoughts you to definitely Robin is perish. Robin then came into the vehicle and informed new invaders to help you log off, ultimately causing Lucci so you’re able to ce and you can informed Franky to chop the car sagging to help you avoid. The guy put a cigarette smoking Celebrity so you’re able to distract the new CP9 agents, but as they slice the automobiles loose, the fresh CP9 agents https://kissbrides.com/lebanese-women/ pulled all of them straight back to one another and you may assaulted Sanji as the Robin got its side. Franky tried to totally free Sanji, Usopp, and you can Robin again given that CP9 recaptured your, but Robin was ultimately brought back by the Blueno. Fundamentally, the ocean Train reached Enies Reception with Robin and Franky inside the pull, and you will Lucci got emotional when he watched the fresh new area towards first-time within the 5 years.

Enies Lobby Arch [ ]

The newest CP9 was basically most of the reunited on Tower out-of Fairness as Lucci confirmed one both Cutty Flam and you can Robin was in fact inside the child custody. One another Lucci and you may Jabra seemed to let you know rivalry between them while each other Kaku and you will Kumadori told these to relax and feature passion on the the much time-viewed family members. Fukurou then measured the fuel for the Doriki in which he revealed that Lucci’s matter try 4000. Spandam disturbed all of them and you can exhibited them a bust that have one or two Devil Good fresh fruit.

Spandam up coming advised the agents from CP9 to return so you’re able to its bed room and you can other individuals. Lucci up coming advised Spandam he was not on aura having an effective toast together with zero demand for standing otherwise authority. Lucci asserted that the types of justice lived towards Community Authorities and that the us government recognized Spandam due to the fact leader off CP9 also it try their duty doing their missions very well. Yet not, Lucci continued to state that he did not fundamentally features to help with Spandam’s ideals. Spandam next expected Lucci what the guy wished. Lucci transformed into their creature-individual hybrid setting and answered, “Blood,” saying in the event that he have there been, also death might be justifiable. Rob Lucci plus the others then leftover to consult with the rooms.

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